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Software Quality Assurance cours is all about software Testing. There is a huge demand for QA Engineers in the industry. Specially after the COVID most of the companies are recruiting and they are finding dificulty to get suitable candidate. The training we will provide will include Lab sessions to give the feeling of real world work, how the work is done in the industry. we focus on what the Industry needs not the book, so you will be fit for the job after the course.

Here is the things you will get:

  • ISTQB syllabus for Manual Software Testing
  • First Three months will be Theory based, mostly covering ISTQB foundation level syllabus
  • There will be lab sessions after the first three month
  • Last three months Software Automation with Selenium using Java
  • we will be using all the opensource tools and resources so no paid services will be used


  • There is no formal education needed to do the course
  • If you can understand english and speak english you can do the job
  • For Selenium automation (last three month) you need programming in java
  • We will train you on java programming whatever is needed for Selenium Automaion

What we are not providing:

  • We are not providing any job gurantee
  • This is not a college degree, It is just a Training course to do QA job

Course Fee:

  • The course will cost €10 per month
  • First month is free to asses the course and makeup your mind
  • No contract between us so you can leave any time without notice
  • Fee will be collected monthly basis so you have no chance to loose money if you leave the course in the middle
  • This fee is not to make money, It is to build our own resouces so that we don’t have to be dependent on opensource

Start Date:

  • Course will start on September
  • Orientation class will be on Sunday 5th September @7.30pm

Class Date and Time:

  • Class time and date will be decided based on the response of the registered students.
  • Classes will be on the evenings and weekends.
  • Class date and time will be sent to students in advance

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