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QA Training

We are giving free QA training to the community. We belive that with good training and guideline people of our coomunity can work as a QA Engineer and be successful in the industry.
Here is the Trainings we are providing:
- ISTQB Foundation level course
- Hands on experience on Agile/Kanban board
- Bug reporting tool
- Test management tool
- Reporting test results
- Bug Triage
- Mobile Testing
- API testing
- Performance Testing

Software Testing

At QA Institute we will be happy to do any software testing you need. our trained QA Engineers are well capable of doing all the testing you may need. we will charge you very little because our trainees will gain practical work experience by working on your project.

Feel free to contact us if you have a project that needs QA testing. If the work is small we will do it for free to build our profile.

If you are looking for QA Intern, please contact us, we have atleast 20 students who will be ready to work as intern in 4 weeks time.

Security Analysis

If you want to check whether your system is prone to hacking or the information you have is secure. then talk to us. we can do the testing and can provide you with a feedback.


Who We Are

We are just ordinary people with many years of work experience As QA Engineers. we are still working. this QA Institute is part time work, just to give back to community. we think there is lot of people in our community who can work as QA engineer with proper training. 

So we decided to train them. we started to follow ISTQB curriculum and on top of that we are giving them training on varius tools and techniques used in the industry to work as QA Engineer.  

If you have some skills and you want to share with others, feel free to drop us a line. we will be delighted to have you in our team. 

The best way you can help us to find intership for our trained QA Engineers. send us an email if you can. 

QA Training
QA Analysis
Security Analysis
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